More about cherry angiomas

A cherry angioma, also known as a Campbell de Morgan spot, is a common benign skin growth that typically appears as a small, red, or purple bump on the skin. These lesions vary in size, often ranging from a pinpoint dot to a quarter of an inch in diameter. Cherry angiomas are most frequently found on the upper torso, arms, shoulders, and sometimes on the face or neck.

These angiomas are composed of clusters of tiny blood vessels, and they are typically smooth to the touch. Cherry angiomas tend to develop more frequently with age, and they become more prevalent as people get older, especially after the age of 30.

The exact cause of cherry angiomas is not entirely understood, but they are believed to be related to genetic factors and cumulative sun exposure. While they are generally harmless and don’t require treatment, some individuals may opt for removal for cosmetic reasons or if the angioma bleeds, itches, or becomes irritated.



How much does it cost?

If you have very few angiomas, they can sometimes be removed during your pre operative appointment.  You will pay a small supplement for the procedure to be carried out,  ranging from £55 to £150. This is always down to our doctors discretion. If you have multiple angiomas, you will have your pre operative appointment, followed by a procedure appointment. The procedure appointments range from £135 to  £530.  The majority of removals are at the lower end of this scale.

Booking an appointment

To book an appointment you can either call us 01865 965 027 or book directly online. You will need to book a ‘pre-operative appointment‘.  If you are unsure of what to book please call our helpful reception team. 



How can I prevent the development of cherry angiomas?

There is little you can do to influence the development of these nuisance lesions.  They are mainly linked to age and your genetic make up.  there is a small amount of evidence that suggests sun exposure encourages their growth. So like with all skin conditions, sun protection is essential

Do I need to have a pre-op consultation?

Yes, all patients require a pre-op consultation prior to any surgical treatment. During this appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions, and the doctor will discuss the procedure and outcomes, while also providing an exact costing. If the clinic doctor has time, small numbers of angiomas can be removed during this appointment.

Can I claim for my appointment on insurance?

You need to speak to your insurer prior to your appointment. Some insurers will reimburse you for the appointment, but you will need to present any documentation at the time of your appointment for the doctor to sign. Please note that all our doctors are registered with the GMC on the GP register not the consultant register. Please ensure you make this clear to your insurers at the outset.

How it works

From the moment you book your appointment to post-treatment care, we’re here to support you.

  • Booking your appointment
    With Oxona, there’s no need for a referral and you can book your appointment online, over the phone or by email. All appointment require a pre-paid deposit due at the time of booking.
  • Consultation
    Our specialists will give you the time you need to discuss your problem, making sure you are truly heard. Your questions will be answered with understanding and impartial advice, so you feel ready to make an informed decision.
  • Treatment plan
    Our treatment plans are based on you as an individual, rather than off the shelf. Taking into account your symptoms, medical history and any anxieties, we’ll explore all available options and respect your decisions.
  • Aftercare
    Your care doesn’t end after your treatment. Our team are on hand to offer free post-operative support, and to answer any questions about your treatment plan.
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